Welcome To SC-Admin

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Welcome To SC-Admin

Strategy | Compliance | Administration

Vision Statement

Our vision is simple – become the go-to small business institution for illuminating information in South Africa.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple – deliver excellent customer service that forges strong business collabaration.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is exclusively about the small business owner with a focus on simple but effective business educational growth.


In a business often it is seen that functions such as production, labour management, and marketing receive their due attention from owners.  Accounting, however, is left to the accountants, who “understand it better” which leaves the critical and strategic Financial Management function largely ignored. This important element of operating a business needs to be more appreciated, starting with developing the understanding that it is very distinct from accounting.

Financial Management involves managing the company’s financial resources to attain its objectives of achieving maximum returns. It involves mapping the financial and non-financial resources with the business goals to ensure that operations are optimised.  For planning, Financial Management helps to ensure how capital is raised, how it is invested, and how efficiently it is used, are elevated.  As a monitoring tool, Financial Management can help a business owner identify problem areas through variance and ratio analysis.

Long Story Short: At SC-Admin we develop big business principles and processes in small business practices. Starting up is often a huge learning curve, and inevitably many  hiccups are encountered along the way.


Yvette is a true SME champion and is dedicated to exceptional customer service, her administrative strengths are in Financial Management (bookkeeping/payroll), Development Implementation and Maintenance of Administration Structure; Compliance advice on matters such as New Business Registration, SARS, CIPC, etc.; assisting both Individuals and SME’s with Income Tax, PAYE/UIF/SDL, Workman’s Compensation and VAT; setting up Payroll systems and administration.

The services offered were identified because of her exclusive experience in Financial Administration throughout her career. It has been an adventure to not only develop and implement structure but to also be a part of the growth of the SME industry, through the lives of the clients being served. Yvette is a consummate professional and her efficiency is outstanding, she is highly organised and easy to work with. Clients know they can always rely on her to not only assist with any questions presented, but she is always willing to guide and teach during the process.

That’s why you need a business partner like SC Admin to take care of your financial functions freeing you to focus on the important task of growing your business to reach new heights.

Plans and Pricing

SC-Admin prides itself on our structured packages for the SME no matter how big or small they are and because of this we promise to deliver excellent customer service that shows continuous growth through the lifetime of our service.



SC-Admin will use it’s 40+ years of business and financial experience to break down challenges which small business owners face on a daily bases in an ever changing landscape as well as teach you how to do it yourself not matter your level of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Accounting Software?

Accounting software describes an application used to record and process accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system.

What is an Annual Financial Statement?

The compilation of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet in more detail with notes on assets indicating current values and liabilities – an overall view of the entity’s operations

What Is An IRP6?

An IRP6 is a Provisional Tax return submitted to SARS bi-annually (August) and annually (February). Normally completed prior to Annual Financial Statements being compiled.

What is An ITR14?

An Annual Tax return completed and submitted to SARS after year end compilation of Annual Financial Statements are compiled.

What Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include sales, receipts, purchases and payments by an individual person or an organisation/corporation

What Is CIPC Annual Report?

An annual return completed and submitted on the anniversary of the company registration with the CIPC.  It maintains the registration on the Companies and Intellectual Property database.

What Is Payroll

Payroll is the management of employee remuneration – the allocated incomes and statutory deductions.

What Is An EMP201?

A monthly return submitted to SARS reporting on employee deductions – Pay As You Earn/Skills Development Levy/Unemployment Insurance Fund

What Is An EMP501?

EMP501 is a bi-annual (September) and annual (April-May) reconciliation of employee’s earnings and deductions submitted to SARS.

Dept. of Labour - What Is uFiling?

The portal used by employers to report on UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) – a 1% deduction from earnings payable by both the employee and the employer.  The deduction is capped at R148.72 per month.

Dept of Labour - What Is COID?

A report submitted to the Dept. of Labour (May) indicating Annual number of employees and total Payroll earnings. Fees calculated are payable by the employer only, % based on the industry. Its purpose is for when employees are injured on duty, the medical expenses paid by the employer can be claimed from the fund.

What Is A VAT201?

A VAT201 is a bi-monthly report submitted to SARS by entities registered as VAT vendors.  The cycle dates are determined by the date of registration with SARS.

What is a Tax Clearance?

A report provided by SARS indicating that an entity is Tax compliant.  SARS no longer issues certificates as they have proven to not accurately portray an entity’s level of compliance.  In its place a PIN is issued which can be used for a period of 12 months for anyone to use on SARS eFiling to verify compliance – utilised mostly for Tenders.

What is a BEE Certificate?

A BEE Certificate indicates ownership (% male vs female) and race (White/Black/Coloured).  This can either be applied for at CIPC when an Annual Return is submitted for SME entities or an Affidavit can be used – mostly used only on request. 

Larger entities have to be audited by a certified verification agency for a valid certificate to be issued. Certificates are valid for a period of 12 months from issue date.  

What Is Management Reports?

Can be provided at any time of the month and easy to extract when there is an accounting system in place.  Consists of an Income Statement (income and expenses) and a Balance Sheet (assets and liabilities).


  • Income Statement: Indicates Profit and Loss of entity based on Income (customers) and Expenses (suppliers)
  • Balance Sheet: Indicates Assets held i.e. Equipment, Vehicles, Furniture, etc. held by the entity and Liabilities i.e. Loans, purchase agreements, asset depreciation, etc.

Don't Be Shy

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