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Long Story Short: We develop big business principles and processes in small business practice. Starting up a business is often a huge learning curve, and inevitably many owners encounter some hiccups along the way – we know your challenges. There you are, trying to run a business and somehow it always seems to be “VAT-time”, PAYE is late, or SARS has sent you a letter you don’t understand, asking for who knows what. Keeping up with statutory requirements and generating enough income to keep “head above water” isn’t easy. That’s why you need a business partner like SC Admin to take care of your financial functions.

“The greatest fear in the world is the opinons of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom”. Oshi 

Meet Yvette

A force to be reckoned with: Qualified Senior Bookkeeper with 40 years in Administration, both in Corporate and the SME space. Having started working in the 1980’s when computers were still a dream; her experience was gained with manual systems. After working with SME Suppliers in the corporate environment, it became apparent that there is a need for not only education, but system management for SME’s. This realisation caused her to make a decision about branching out solo and focusing attention where it really matters. Let’s be honest, big business has structure, with departments of people to perform specific functions. Entrepreneurs however, have no option but to either do it themselves or outsource. SC Admin a division of Meridien Holdings (Pty) Ltd was started in September 2011, to focus on the need by SME’s for Financial Administration Structure.

The services offered were identified purely because of her experience in Financial Administration exclusively over the years. It has been an adventure to not only develop and implement structure, but to also be a part of the growth of the SME industry, through the lives of the clients being served. Yvette is a consummate professional and her efficiency is outstanding, she is highly organised and easy to work with. Clients know they can always rely on her to not only assist with any questions presented, but she is always willing to guide and teach during the process. She is a true SME champion and is dedicated to exceptional customer service. Yvette’s administrative strengths are in Financial Management (bookkeeping / payroll), Development / Implementation and Maintenance of Administration Structure; Compliance advice on matters such as New Business Registration, SARS, CIPC, etc.; assisting both Individuals and SME’s with Income Tax, PAYE/UIF/SDL, Workman’s Compensation and VAT; setting up Payroll systems and administration. 

Your Team

Meet Our Staff

Yvette Pugin


Yvette Pugin has a passion for SME’s in South Africa and coming from a corporate background she saw a gap in the market and has taken it with both hands so that she can grow the SME market of truly ready entrepreneurs to take on the mantle of  rapid expansion. SC-Admin is the brain child of this passion she has.

Samantha Pugin

Office Administrator

Samantha has a strong work ethic, learning constantly to grow herself and SC-Admin and because of this she has become a vital asset in assisting with running the day-to-day operations of SC-Admin. Samantha has a go-getter attitude and our clients enjoy working with her no matter the request.

Jean-Luc Pugin

Technology Officer

Jean-Luc plays a critical role in maintaining SC-Admin’s internal infrastructure as well as implementing new and simple digital technology solutions. He also has a passion for grooming small businesses to use technology and is constantly learning more about present and future ideas that will propel small businesses forward.